Services I Offer

Image by Jagoda Kondratiuk
Image by Morgane Le Breton
Image by Max Saeling

Online Counselling

Online sessions are delivered via a secure, encrypted platform. Although we won't be in the same room, I will strive to create a warm and welcoming space where you can talk freely about whatever you may be experiencing. These sessions are accessible to many and require a quiet, private space and access to a good internet connection.

Telephone Counselling

No need to take time out of your day to travel to a venue, telephone counselling can be accessed at a time and in a place that is suitable for you. You may want to go for a walk or sit on your favourite bench. As long as you feel it is a safe and confidential space, and you have a good phone connection, you can access this service.

Email Counselling

Some people find it easier to express themselves through writing. You can write an email (or letter) to your counsellor and they will respond with a thoughtful and empathic message addressing any

 issues you may be experiencing.